Company relocation

relocation services:

professional salesman under the moved items and venues designed detailed corporate relocation program.

provide items packing, packaging, transport to the place of the one-stop service.

take care on the floors, walls, and elevator, professional protection.

items are professionally packed to ensure transport safety.

by using the tag, as shown in diagram, list, can ensure that the items are not lost, and items displayed in place of each employee.

new site supervisors on-site supervision, ensure the relocation process in order.

relocation services:

after receiving the customer service phone, appointments with customers, professional salesman door-to-door service, designed according to the customers move goods relocation programme in detail.

confirm options issued by the e-quote, communicate through email clients.

relocation contracts with the customers.

the professional training of customer personnel responsible for the relocation.

to package the client computer equipment a day earlier.

to protect the customer facilities (Elevator, floor, wall, etc).

field operations. Professional site supervisors monitoring command throughout the relocation process. Operations include: old items new address removed for packaging, transport, packaging and packaging materials cleaning steps.

customer acceptance.

the cost of clearing.


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