Factory relocation

1.1 moving factory construction preparation

1.1.1 project technology gives the low-down on all construction personnel and construction personnel to each individual project construction technology requirements, quality requirements, construction considerations, such as disclosure, all construction personnel should be familiar with drawings and specifications, procedures, and requirements for everyone to know, not blind operation.

1.1.2 according to owner specifications and standards for all construction tools, testing equipment (table), cleaning equipment, good personal protective equipment for inspection and acceptance, storage and protection.

1.1.3 device checks include the following:

a. appearance inspection equipment

b. confirm that the technical parameters of the device, an action state

c. check the installation accuracy of equipment

d. the mutual position between survey and mapping equipment, operation location, draw a graph

e. equipment on-site production of Machining accuracy based on artifacts and random packing and shipping the sample workpiece.

check above to make detailed records, and both sides signed, as evidence of the installation.

1.2 move the port marked

in order to facilitate demolition and recovery installation work smoothly, uniform methods of marking for equipment removal, in which the standard approach to, the removal of electrical equipment, basically using the same method, and depending on the complexity of electrical equipment, a corresponding increase in some notation.

Secondly, in order to determine the location of equipment in the production line, process according to the line direction and calibration of the equipment calibration may on the principle of separation, to complete a process of calibration equipment for the Division unit.

equipment breakdown should be considered, decomposition and reinstall, will retain their accuracy under conditions considered convenient, should be to ensure that when there is a contradiction between the accuracy of performance does not change.

the line (equipment) of limited bit block block, trip switch, no touch points switch, in conditions license of situation Xia, as not split Xia, to reduced installation Hou again adjustment of work, must split Xia of, must strictly determination probe of location and sent news artifacts (or block block) of relative location and distance, standard out installation location, and for good records, painting out sketches.

each line device should be installed after may lack information on cases, relevant calibration of position size, and drew a rough sketch, recording specific data to reset the installation.

for the connection between the two devices should reset the flag and anchor, and if possible, achieve the unity symbols on a line, parts marking according to join equipment station.

the device for easy identification, there is a clear installation directions symbol.

remove the symbol, sign, must be secure, anchor and position measurement points, permanent requirements should as far as possible, so as to avoid cutting reasons such as transport damage and fuzzy, affect the installation.


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