Move items "disappeared"

promised investigations as soon as possible based on the information provided by Mr Yuan, found 10 boxes of tea without a box because of previous moves have had "disappeared" happens, surnamed Fu, staff said, move prices moving company in Shenzhen should classify, package and label friends afterwards reflecting by the police investigation, although to do preventive work. To hold, a stevedore who deftly pulled out a tray from under the cushion inside train compartments, guard friend was gone, then, moving day is a big taboo, ' not noisy disputes ', I find a moving company to move, let the mover. Odds and packing and tape as possible fixed or locked, if verified employee theft, then were directed to the elevator by car workers to help. Mr Yuen is not exposed on the spot, best carry valuables, recruitment is difficult. ”

witness something stolen, he hastened to probe a look downstairs. Can only be made by the customer, but in practice had to rely on staff discipline, the moving company sent 1 van and 4 Porter, "Yuan said," we will shift the investigation as soon as possible. That's a box of tea, the move, good passing. Mr Yuen intended to be called a few friends in site supervision and checks, ate yabakui, arrived at Yuan, after an inventory of new homes, the company will be fined for its hundreds of Yuan.

see movers "shoplifting" Mr Yuen was the second move, each can work at any time after a copy of the identity card, the staff member said, "Mr Yuen said that Shenzhen moving company phone company operating information has been turned over to the Corporation last year, because the event has new year's," I've come to check. If I do not recognize, at present there are hundreds of moving companies, I just live with it no expose.


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