White Tigers village moved again Chao

White Tiger village led to has and once moved tide, moved of vehicles a car then a car, to motioned festive, village people are returned to moved company of front Shang blame align has big safflower, this a car car put with red spent of moved car clean, festive of into has white tiger village, outside loaded of all is new appliances, new furniture, farmer of days had good has, career also increasingly sweet has, upstairs downstairs, household appliances ranging; independent bathroom, wide warm; kitchen bright clean...... This career condition, white Tigers village village unthinkable: Lao Li. Family 5 people there lack of 90 square metres of broken tile-roofed house and lived there for decades, every rainy day, the family will play Guangzhou moving company prices "Symphony in the rain." Home is smoke at any time, change career environment is the family's biggest desire.

time has finally come, 4010, white Tigers village new village established villages focus on living. Village people to focus housing conditions are very favorable, the Government subsidized nearly 180 square meters of small building, just 120,000 Yuan on the living of the village people, Li first moved into their new home. October 8 in previous years, a reporter in white Tigers village saw, after the completion of the village houses are small independent building, opposite South residential style. Village lands also support built in a village still room, health room, static fields. Live in a new House not only transformed housing conditions, Lao Li's career also began attack change. Downstairs is the living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom. Into the living room to swap shoes, beginning to ED Tsui was not used. But now "everyone in the family, I can't fall behind. “

upstairs there is a small living room and 3 bedrooms. The family lived upstairs. "The greatest shifts or boiled rice. "Ed Tsui, said rice cooker rice cooker, gas cooking, microwave cuisine, a meal down, clear and clean. Water heater every day to bathe, toilet no longer and pen together, have no smell at all. Village ' concentrated living requests, not free-range poultry, to feed in captivity. In front of the House concentrated on the village green, behind the village green I can grow some cake, Guangzhou moving company phone, most villages of the flower of grass. Li not only their own houses the whole Ba Shi, also often public road swept clean.


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