Moving companies too octanoic acid

in the process of moving, we and the moving company is the contractual relationship will be moving company prices in Guangzhou clean. But like the rest of us, the moving company is like a family to feed family members or employees, as soon as the economic crisis, they want to get into the life of ice and snow, very hard:

moved industry of winter has more long because this economic crisis of effect, industries business are very of depression, Shenzhen Special economic zone reported left Shenzhen moved company in the maximum of moved company, reporter saw company of moved vehicles are stopped in parking in, into Access out of moved vehicles, dang reporter interview moved company Nanshan moved company Division Manager King Mr of time, King Mr helpless of shake nodded said: yiqian this time not such of, yards rarely has car, now company of each Taiwan car day also came in can't once, Every day light car will lose a lot of money, and movers have nothing to do, operating in losses every month!

this State not know will continuous to what time, if next year inherited this situation, seems company to CD a local employees, to thrift capital! important is everyone are difficult do, Shenzhen moved company price a drop again will also is up can't what role, now of price has down to low, now of price than two years ago of moved price also to low, as long as last year 60% of price, moved company of heat what to continuous to what time? now is waves Amoy sand of time, everyone certainly to bite with through, Next year will be good all over, 2012 there will be spring, but spring!

our moving company, moving company phone except Guangzhou, is outside the contractual relationship and friendly relations of cooperation and mutual understanding is the path to move smoothly. A friendly employer, a friendly moving company, a good move journey!


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