Because moving relocation, forming plant fire

because moving relocation, forming plant caught fire, fire without burning my factory in Shenzhen moving company prices room equipment and information, also hit the neighborhood, forming large local home appliance burning. 12th, Yongsheng village plant in Harbin city suddenly fires, two workshops and a House damaged, total over an area of thousands of square meters, and firefighters arrived in time to fire, but thing is no one was hurt.

fire next to the House is implicated, residents within the overall destruction of goods, only a small portion of the appliance to be saved in. According to owner introduced, neighbors get sponsored to save after the invention of fire, but the fire is so fast, the home of the items saved in a few. Reporters on the scene saw fire, two of the roof of the building had been burnt, everything within the building have been destroyed. According to village people in the field say, plant instead of a paper factory, currently plant equipment and stacks of cardboard have been burned to the ground. Factory staff said, belongs to the Studio to change the status of the area of the plant, because of the eviction, so factories has long been stagnant consumption. Today the fire can be caused by relocation moving. At present, the incident resulted in the further search moving company in Shenzhen. Moving company, Guangdong, Hangzhou tip everyone: crisp, sure to pay attention to fire prevention, before moving to fire, and to completely power off, preventing flammable and explosive goods piling up in warehouses and equipment, and ensure preparedness measures.

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