In the move process most of the workers are in contact with customers

workers in the moving process is most contact with customers, and meet a variety of customer, but individual cases as long as customers move tasks you will not say anything before, even if there is a small problem, customers can receive a passing, because many customers know the movers worked hard, special is the hot hours of the day. However, some customers are not, yesterday, Shenzhen, Hangzhou four moving companies movers in Shenzhen West red for a time Midway a few customer complaints of customers move workers, why is that?

Miss Yang live in mangrove West Coast because rent is due and she moved to the moving company prices show more Guangzhou Shi Sha Hong Xuan shixia North Street building, online comparison of several moving companies in Hangzhou Miss Yang after the final choice of moving company in Shenzhen, definitely good move after the time scheduled for the same day (June 28) 4:30 P.M. clocks on time. Hangzhou yesterday heavy rain did not stop all day, we arrived home goods when customers didn't clean up workers entered the no shoes at all, because to comings and goings are not inconvenienced. After seeing Miss Yang said: "How do you like this, don't take your shoes off, I was just." See customer said workers had to retreat. When moving goods customer said to our workers to be alert, destroying goods not only to accompany or to complain about you. Miss Yang had said things haven't moved out two complaints of workers, which adds to their burden of thinking.

West red is regarded as a very high level of residential district, Hangzhou City, because no door to the elevator to the car only from a public room to second on one side, more than another 500 meters in length, follow gap workers are entitled to request the customer to add such a move, but sees continued to Miss Yang said two major complaints of workers also said. Goods are however many workers pull with tractor after several lost their last under the guidance of Hongshan to go through the second door. Events for this young lady had to complain about the workers, says our movers deferment of her time, so she could not arrive on the new Central, to the phone company to complain worker, it's was funny not by workers.

moved to new home has is night seven o'clock has, this think Dr Miss will in car front see with goods, didn't wants to with she said has about unit and floors room, zhihou on not down has, workers in didn't people care goods of status Xia methodically put Dr Miss of goods whole moved up, also no moved out Dr Miss on put money to to led of workers, until whole moved finished only said has a sound "Thanks". Workers think the company will be critical, because customers said the three main complaints workers did not think Guangzhou moving company phone workers back to the company and not being critical, instead customers calling workers to go out back to the company at the company in recognition of workers ', said our workers are very professional, very worryingly, today no less moving goods.


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