Moving companies are not satisfied with, complaints also come to the right place

now we are basically moving company, moving company in Guangzhou, not just convenient but province hearts price coupled with our pace of life soon, are very busy, so this is a good idea, then new problems came, not satisfied with the moving company services where a complaint or any other questions? below and see it.

pointed out in the Northern green network: on the morning of August 18, 2011, Beijing Road Transport Association moves and urban distribution branch was established. Reporters learned that moving Association was established not only to 41 Beijing moving company found the Organization more consumer complaints "reasoning". In addition, the Association also will have standard contracts, self-regulation standards, set of network services and many consumers "feel good" services.

it is understood that the registered moving companies in Beijing have 41, annual output of up to 150 million Yuan. According to Ji Yaqi, Deputy Secretary General of Beijing Road Transport Association introduced, people find moving companies through Web searches, some informal enterprises and formal enterprises signs can also be found. But after the establishment of branch, joint Guangzhou moving companies such as Baidu calls, provide membership directory to the public, no registration of enterprises in the top. Move trouble call to 84327545 complaints

do these we all know, this is the place where you will not pay much attention, then read we should remember.


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