Disassemble Office partition partition due to pay attention to what matters

1, remove the front Note: disassembly tool should be prepared in advance, generally one word, Phillips screwdriver, pliers, Allen wrench, hammers and other tools. Check the furniture is complete before demolition, no damage, no scratches on the surface, if statements to the customer immediately, ask the customer to sign the transportation contract form confirmation. Remove carefully before viewing the structure of furniture, find out all parts of the relationship. Note the order of disassembly, what to remove, before they are removed, remember the order, mark. Lightweight and easy to dress for cuts or injury prevention, tops the best air-tight long-sleeved coat. Down sporty clothes such as jeans as well. Often need to use scissors, Blade, loose change (phone, etc) can be placed at the Pocket bag to carry, very convenient. Be sure to wear gloves.

2, remove the technical requirements of the furniture: furniture removal order: doors – cover and floor – side panels – internal partitions. Removed the screws, nut and furniture accessories, save to prevent loss. Boards should not have metal parts to prevent damage to household surfaces. Turning the screw to the attention of the pros. Towels, linen clothing, gloves, long sleeve casual shoes (off), apron, with a pair of scissors, blades, change purses, wallets (phone), easy to operate, contact.

3, installation Note: should be installed by furniture removal team, when installed in accordance with the reverse order of disassembly, and attention to the pros and cons of furniture components and up and down, avoid installed backwards, or put down, eventually restored original furniture. Can be divided into moving can be divided into: residents move, moving, plant moving, long distance moving, international moving, and so on, in fact, in the process of moving from the development of the move, moving, lifting, installation maintenance and shipping industries.

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