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Service process

Shanghai Volkswagen move logistics company since its establishment, through unremitting efforts and pioneering development, has now become the largest professional moving company.

Shanghai Volkswagen move logistics company's existing range of specialty vehicles more than 30 films, trained skilled handling level of staff of more than 100 people, has a branch in Shanghai district, computer network platform for companies to take advantage of the advanced control, sent a car nearby to ensure that timely, thoughtful and safe for you. Shanghai Volkswagen move logistics company "to meet customer demands responsibility to customer satisfaction as the standard, to maintain industry-leading targeting" the quality policy, the company has become the common people in the heart of big brands.

Shanghai Volkswagen move logistics service process:

a. Network or other channels to find Shanghai Volkswagen logistics limited phone 021-8672254

II. Telephone consultation: we have a professional trained operator, person to receive customer telephone inquiries, preliminary understanding of customers move dates, moving course, basic information such as location and the availability of valuables, such as washing machine drum, safes, etc.

III. Phone quotes: consultation via telephone, if not many have to move furniture, and moved three cars are small, they can use the telephone offer, order confirmation directly and inform considerations, and provide the best moving programme.

IV. Free home valuation: if companies, factories, universities and large organizations, and so on, to move from item number belongs to the big move, my company with operations manager directly free home valuation, and provide the best relocation programs and interpretive notes.

v. Customer-ready. Customer packaged goods, finishing, and particularly valuable.

VI. Send a car on time: according to the number of items moved, companies arrange the right vehicles and the right number of porters, the auspicious day auspicious times specified by the customer, on time.

VII. Relocation services: according to customer specifications items category, gently, specified by customer order handling and, after arriving in new places.

VIII. Satisfaction paid for free: after the relocation is complete, inspect the goods for any loss and damage, satisfaction with pay for free.

IX. Damage claims: in the process of moving, moving company as a result of Zhengzhou Greentown man-made damage caused accidentally, from Zhengzhou, green city moving company compensation for loss.


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